The Treatment Procedures


We specialize in two proven approaches to the non-surgical treatment of internal hemorrhoids: infrared coagulation and suction ligation. Both of these procedures are virtually painless, as they are performed in an area of the anal canal that does not have pain-sensing nerves. Therefore, they can be performed right in the doctor’s office without the need for anesthesia. In fact, most patients leave our office and immediately continue on with their day – returning to work or catching a round of golf – with minimal disruption. In many cases, improvement in symptoms is noticed almost immediately, with continued progressive improvement with subsequent treatment sessions. A typical treatment course usually takes from 3 to 7 sessions for complete resolution of symptoms to be achieved.

In addition to performing these procedures, we always place great emphasis on educating you on how to care for your hemorrhoids at home, with the incorporation of just a few simple lifestyle changes. This is vitally important to significantly decrease your chances of symptom recurrence.

Infrared Coagulation

This is the preferred treatment for early-stage hemorrhoids. It involves directing a high-intensity beam of infrared light to the base of the internal hemorrhoid. This reduces blood flow to the hemorrhoid and secures the tissue to a position higher inside the anal canal, dramatically improving the symptoms that make this condition so unbearable. Treatment time is usually only a few seconds. Importantly, no serious complications from infrared coagulation have been reported.

Most patients feel a mild pressure or heat sensation for a few seconds during treatment, and there is typically no discomfort at all after treatment.

Suction ligation

This method involves using a plastic device to apply a gentle suction to the base of the internal hemorrhoid. After confirming that no discomfort is felt, a small elastic band is placed onto the suctioned tissue and the device is removed. This cuts off blood flow to the hemorrhoid, causing the affected tissue to shrink and fall off, typically within a few days. Treatment time is usually less than one minute.

This is a dramatically improved technique for applying elastic bands to treat internal hemorrhoids. Unlike traditional rubber band ligation, suction ligation is very well-tolerated by patients, can be applied to any size hemorrhoid, and no serious complications have been reported. Some patients feel a sensation of fullness in the rectum or a mild dull ache after treatment, but this typically resolves within 24 hours.