Quick and Painless Hemorrhoid Relief

As the only physician in Northeast Ohio with a practice focused exclusively on treating hemorrhoids, I see afflicted patients all day, every day.

In fact, since I launched my practice in 2007, I’ve performed more than 50,000 non-surgical procedures right here in Northeast Ohio.

That’s a lot of bumps on the rump, but what the number really reveals is that hemorrhoids are, in fact, a genuine problem for a lot of people.

It doesn’t matter about your age or ethnicity, what your job is, or what your activities include, you may be one of the thousands of people in our area suffering in silence. I’ve had patients range in age from teens to the elderly. Hemorrhoids don’t discriminate.

Perhaps you’re one of those who have visited a primary care doctor or some other medical professional who doesn’t specialize in the treatment of hemorrhoids. What you likely heard, and what most certainly put some fear in you, was that available treatment options are painful and invasive, with a long recovery time and possible complications. That antiquated and misguided advice causes many to delay treatment.

Others put off making a call to my offices because although they’ve been dealing with the pain, burning, itch, leakage or bleeding caused by hemorrhoids, they either hope that one day the problem will magically resolve itself, or they’re too embarrassed to seek treatment.

A first visit to my office is quick and discreet. Treatment follows the same level of ease.

I offer two easy, safe, and effective non-surgical procedures designed to safely eliminate hemorrhoids.

One reduces the blood flow that feeds the hemorrhoids, reducing inflammation and causing them to shrink. The other is better suited to removing larger hemorrhoids. Both take just a few seconds to do. Since they are performed in an area with no nerve endings, they can be done right in the comfort of my office without anesthesia.

There is virtually no pain, no prep needed, there are no major restrictions, and you don’t have to take time off work. Consultations are free of charge, and our procedures are covered by insurance. If you have met your insurance deductible for the year, now is a perfect time to give us a call.

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