No treatment for you

Hi again. It’s me, Dr. Gutman. I know you’ve been reading my articles here in Mimi each month, thinking about how badly you suffer from hemorrhoids but still don’t call my office because you think my treatments sound too good to be true. Painless? Takes only a few seconds? It can’t possibly work, you think.

I see people like you every day. Afraid or embarrassed during their initial consultation, they have put up with their hemorrhoid problems for years until they just couldn’t take it anymore. How quickly their tune changes after just a few brief office visits.

“Why didn’t my doctor tell me about this treatment?” “If I would have known how easy this was I would have done it years ago.” These statements are heard almost daily in my office.

I love helping patients put their hemorrhoid woes behind them, but I can only help people who allow me to help. But since you continue to resist my advice to come in to be seen, I have figured out a way to make it easy for you to not listen to me and still get better.

Ready? Here’s my advice that you shouldn’t heed:

Don’t get your hemorrhoids treated. It’s much better to continue to suffer in silence and pretend that everything’s ok. After all, it’s just not worth taking a few seconds of your time to improve the quality of your life for years to come.

I also see no reason to tell you about the two, quick and easy, non-surgical methods I use to treat hemorrhoids, because that would only confuse you and make you second-guess my sage advice to just ignore your problem—and it won’t go away.

Don’t want to listen? No problem. Call my office for a free consultation.

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