No creams, no screams

Are you haunted by hemorrhoids? If so, you have probably tried using over-the-counter options such as creams, witch hazel, or ghouling gels in an effort to chase those little monsters away.

While OTC treatments might seem like a good first line of defense, the mild relief you feel inevitably ghosts on you. You may have temporarily masked the symptoms, but your hemorrhoids are still there.

Hiding. Brewing. Waiting. Bwwahahaha.

You want to end this recurring nightmare, but you’ve been spooked about hemorrhoid surgery. You can’t bear the horror of surviving for weeks through the excruciating recovery period. Your spirits drop when you think about the risk of permanent damage to your sphincter muscle.

But I have a treat for you…no tricks.

I offer two easy, safe, and effective non-surgical procedures designed to safely eliminate hemorrhoids.

One reduces the blood flow that feeds the hemorrhoids, reducing inflammation and causing them to shrink. The other is better suited to removing larger hemorrhoids. Both take just a few seconds to do. Since they are performed in an area with no nerve endings, they can be administered right in the comfort of my office without anesthesia.

There is virtually no pain, no prep needed, there are no major restrictions, and you don’t have to take time off of work. Consultations are free of charge, and our procedures are covered by insurance.

You don’t need to fear our gentle hemorrhoid care.

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