For the booty, and the foodie

Most people know me as an expert in the field of hemorrhoid treatment, and I’ve helped thousands of patients find relief. But in addition to that form of medicine, I also offer a nutrition and disease reversal program called Cleveland Nutrition.

It’s a plant-based nutrition program that helps people recover their health, get off of medications and change their lives for the better by teaching them to embrace a much healthier form of eating. Certainly a poor diet can contribute to hemorrhoid formation, but your diet can also significantly impact other areas of your health and emotional well-being.

Starting this January, I’ll be offering a new series of classes focusing on the motivational aspects of changing to a healthier diet, and will introduce techniques to help reduce cravings and overcome stress eating.

The program will also address emotional factors that drive certain behaviors in our lives, and how managing these behaviors can help to change the way we feel. The idea is that when you understand yourself, you can make positive changes in your life—changes you didn’t think were possible.

Through these classes, I’m going to teach you to empower yourself to regain control of your feelings, your environment and your life.

Years ago, I developed an interest in nutrition and the power of eating more healthfully, and now I’d like to share that information with you. During this series of monthly classes, you’ll discover the tools you need to take control of your mental and emotional health—permanently.

I promise that what you’ll learn in these classes are things you’ve never heard before.

The first class in the series is free, but registration is required. To find out more, call 216-328-8086.

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