Common Service Questions and Concerns

Why is it important to get checked by a doctor now?

Two reasons:

1) You may think you have a hemorrhoid problem, but you may in fact have an unrelated condition. This is critical information that you need to know.

2) Hemorrhoid conditions tend to get worse over time. Early treatment is invaluable.

I find the whole ordeal simply embarrassing. Why should I subject myself to an office visit?

We understand that discussing hemorrhoids is not something that you are eager to do, and we do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our patients are often surprised to discover that our procedures are much easier and cause much less embarrassment than they anticipated. Patients are treated while lying on their sides. The affected area remains covered until the physician lifts a small flap for access to the treatment area. When treating a female patient, a female medical assistant is present in the room at all times. Most procedures are performed within seconds. They are so quick; there is little time for embarrassment.

Besides, living with hemorrhoids is a far more embarrassing ordeal than finally getting the treatment you need.

How do your procedures compare to surgery?

It’s well known that the traditional hemorrhoid surgery carries with it an excruciatingly painful recovery period, usually lasting about 4 to 6 weeks. In addition, there are a number of complications that can result from surgery, including loss of control for bowel movements. Consequently, most patients would not even consider following up on this type of referral.

In contrast, our procedures are quick, effective, and virtually pain-free. There is no special preparation needed before a treatment, anesthesia is not required during treatment, and there are no major restrictions after a treatment. You can leave our office and get right back to enjoying your day!

In addition, our procedures are considered to be among the safest hemorrhoid treatments currently available.

You say that your methods are quick. How quick is quick?

Extremely. Our procedures usually take less than a minute to perform. Patients generally report a feeling of mild heat or a sensation of pressure during treatments.

I'm not a big fan of pain. Why should we be talking?

If you dislike pain, then we definitely should be talking. Our procedures are virtually pain-free, and our treatment plans are designed to rid you of the pain of hemorrhoids. After all, the average hemorrhoid sufferer can’t even sit comfortably on a bicycle seat.

Truthfully, how effective are your treatment methods?

Overall, our treatment success rate is about 95%.

Most patients notice an improvement in their symptoms after their very first treatment session, with continued improvement after each subsequent session. A typical treatment course usually requires 3 to 7 sessions staged at 1 to 2 week intervals to achieve maximal improvement of symptoms.

Most patients with earlier stage hemorrhoids can be successfully treated with infrared coagulation alone, while those with later stage hemorrhoids usually require suction ligation. Depending upon your specific condition, your customized treatment plan may utilize one or a combination of these techniques.

What is your fee for an initial consultation?

There is no charge for the initial consultation with Dr. Gutman to find out more about our procedures and to ask your questions.

Most patients choose to proceed with an examination the same day as the initial consultation.

Will my insurance cover the treatments?

Our treatments are covered by insurance, and we participate with Medicare and most major commercial insurance companies. Patients are often surprised to learn that they have little or no out-of-pocket costs. We’ll be happy to provide you with a complimentary benefits review at your free consultation.

Where are your offices located?

We currently have two locations in the Northeast Ohio region – in Beachwood and Fairlawn.